Culture visits Najnaj’s

No one’s too young to participate in culture! On October 13th, the youngest habitants of Świdnica will have the opportunity to experience the theatre by taking part in a unique performance.

The Ładne Historie Foundation and the Świdnica Cultural Centre invite parents and legal guardians with children aged 6-18 months to a performance “Mamajataja”, which will take place on October 13th (Sunday) in the theatre hall in the Świdnica Market Square, in hours:

👉 11:00 (I group – up to 15 parents + 15 kids = 30 individuals)
👉 12:00 (II group – up to 15 parents + 15 kids = 30 individuals)
👉 13:00 (III group – up to 15 parents + 15 kids = 30 individuals )

The show lasts about half an hour. Participation in the event is free of charge, but requires prior registration – please send your application to the following e-mail addres:, in the title of the e-mail writing “Najnaje”, and the your first and second name, direct telephone contact to the parent/guardian, name and age of the child and the hour to which you want to subscribe.

“Najnaje” is the term used by theatres for their youngest audiences, i.e. those under the age of three. In performances prepared for the youngest audience there are usually no words, music, sounds, lights, colours and varied textures play a key role in them. We invite children to participate in a performance that will introduce them to the world of theatre and art in a more gentle way. An interactive performance gives the audience the opportunity to actually participate in what is happening on stage and, most importantly, to influence what the performance looks like.

Gentle music, theatre lights and pleasant, soft materials create ideal conditions for stimulating children’s development. Sounds, lights and props, which are an indispensable part of theatre performances, are very characteristic and have a significant impact on our senses. Since these are not typical everyday stimuli in our lives, they can cause anxiety and misunderstanding among the young participants. Therefore, the invitation to participate in the youngest participants, allows you to deal with such events early, gives the opportunity to spend time in an unusual, interesting and developing way. Thanks to this, children learn new ways of spending their free time. The presence of legal guardians on stage allows them to enter this magical world in a safe and fearless way.

Organizers: Foundation Ładne Historie, Świdnica Culture Center
Concept, set design, production: Agata Elsner, Kuba Kapral
Music, light: Hubert Wińczyk
Production: Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne Kolektyw
The project was co-financed by the County Office in Świdnica