“Backyard wars” – a new project for kids in Świdnica

Creative and peaceful workshop activities!

„Wojny podwórkowe” (“Backyard wars”) is a project for children and young people, which consists of a series of workshops  and an exhibition summarizing all of the activities. We invited a group of creative and experienced people – artists, animators and educators – who offer young participants a creative approach to the subject of conflict. Using various ways of expression – including movement, typography, installation and sound – we jointly look for ways to talk about what teenage conflicts are, what they result from and how to defuse these tensions.

Childhood is undoubtedly the most intense time in terms of establishing new friendships and contacts, but on the other hand it is a period filled with wars of varying intensity. It is then that we test the first ways of dealing with conflict situations, it is from these experiences that social bonds and further relations are formed. While realizing the project, we aim at building valuable peer relations and integrating children through joint artistic activity.

The energy released by conflict, redirected in another direction, can become a creative force! Conflict, clash, quarrel or a short misunderstanding can bring the potential for change, and all of the differences, contradictions and inconsistencies can become a reason for experiencing something else, something new. The project takes place in peaceful conditions, in which participants learn how to cope with difficult situations, become sensitive to the needs, emotions and opinions of others, practice effective communication, gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Workshop activities:

🎯 September-October, every Saturday from 12:00 until 16:00 in seesight tower building in Świdnica (1st floor)


➡ 7.09.2019: Agnieszka Kozak + Magdalena Kreis | development and creative activities
➡ 14.09.2019: Natalia Gołubowska | graphic design and typography
➡ 21.09.2019: Novy Ruch Teatr: Agnieszka Dziewa i Piotr Soroka | contemporary movement and dance activities
➡ 28.09.2019: Tomasz Opania | sculpture activities
➡ 5.10.2019: Jakub Drzastwa | sound activities
➡ 12.10.2019: Karolina Balcer | visual arts and installation-based activities 
➡ 19.10.2019: Agnieszka Pajączkowska | photographic activities
➡ 26.10.2019: Marcin Koziński | creative and storytelling activities

🎯 The exhibition will be available from 16.11.2019 until 13.12.2019 in the space of the Seesight Tower (1st floor) in Świdnica.

Project’s activities wil be held at the seesight tower building (1st floor) in Świdnica. Participants between 7 and 14 years old are welcomed to join us during the workshops.

🎯 Participants can register online via e-mail addres: The submission shall inlcude first and second name of the participant, his or her age, mobile telephone to his or her parents and exact date from the schedule of workshops. You can register to all workshops, but you can register to one or a few if needed.

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Creator of the project: Magdalena Kreis
Organized by: Fundacja Ładne Historie
The partners of the project are: Municipality of Świdnica and Świdnica Cultural Centre

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture and the Municipality of Świdnica.