“Art Lessons” – the city, the city, the city!

In 2019, we’re entering completely new territories, reaching for completely new topics and having completely new guests!

Do you only go to a gallery or museum to experience art? Is it true that culture is one of the most important building blocks of the city? Why do artists and designers use data, memories or home archives in their work? Can buildings and objects, which we consider useless or even cease to notice, be brought back to life thanks to culture? Do they have memory, and if so, can we use it? Finally, how do artists involve the inhabitants of courtyards and estates in their activities? Can we change the city we live in together through art?

We have a lot of questions, but we are 100% sure of one thing: the city is a great working environment for artists, curators and designers, and we can talk about their activities endlessly!

In August we invite you to meet us during a series of free lectures on art and its citygenic character, which will be presented by the invited guests. Admission to all meetings is free, we’ll meet every Thursday at 18:00 in the Otwarta Papiernia in Jelenia Góra.

All of the events have free admission!

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Organized by: Ładne Historie Foundation
Partners: Otwarta Papiernia
Project was subsidized by the National Centre For Culture within the framework of the Kultura-Interwencje 2019 programme.